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We build the future of our urban communities

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About us

Venturerock Urban Italy is a startup studio dedicated to solving today’s urban challenges and needs. VRU Italy is powered by a global team of urban innovation experts, investors, dedicated global funds and venture build veterans.

We don’t predict our urban future.
We intend to build it.

We design and develop startups leveraging a unique yet proven Venturerock venture-build methodology, leveraging decades of venture-building experience.

We invite you to join us in identifying urban challenges we intend to address and the venture teams that are to solve them.

We are here to stay, commit long term, work in partnership with a larger array of urban stakeholders.

Here is the team of Venturerock Urban Italy:

Raffaele Gareri

Partner and CEO

Bas Boorsma

Partner and Chairman

Manuela Krull-Mancinelli

Innovation Manager

Here is the Board of Auditors:

Katia Demaria

Nicola Colangelo

Fabio Londri

Here is the initial group of investors:

Davide Rota

Massimo Favini

Marc Wesselink


Venturerock Urban Italy is a part of a global network of players focused on urban innovation and venture building.

We have strong partnerships with: Urban Innovators and Venturerock

Logo Urban Innovators Inc

Logo Venturerock



Via Tommaso Salvini 49/A
00197 Rome, Italy


(+39) 06 896.818.31


(+39) 06 896.818.32

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